Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at NMSU!

“A modern major for a modern workforce and a more fulfilling life”

Our curriculum and faculty make up reflects a comprehensive approach to the field of Communication offering students opportunities to explore courses in interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, political communication, and social influence. Our award winning faculty also teach classes and conduct research in political, health, environmental, family, and sport communication. We are dedicated to providing students with diverse learning opportunities grounded in experiential and active learning principles.
The Department of Communication Studies has five tenure/tenure-track professors with expertise in diverse areas of the field of Communication. The faculty maintain active and productive research programs while also showing a strong dedication to teaching excellence. Several of our faculty have received numerous teaching awards at institutional and/or national levels. The Department also has a vibrant graduate program with approximately 25 graduate students.

About Communication Studies:

Communication Studies focuses on the complex role that human communication plays in everyday life. Our courses provide students with the tools to make sense of and respond to communication processes in interpersonal, organizational, political, intercultural, and mediated contexts. In today’s increasingly global, mediated, and diverse workplace, studying communication and learning to communicate effectively are more important than ever. Thus, our program prepares students to excel in a variety of careers in our ever-changing world. We offer both undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts) and graduate (Master of Arts) degrees, as well as minors in Communication Studies. The Department of Communication Studies is dynamic, thriving, and ready to accept new majors. Come see where a degree in Communication Studies can take you!


For more information about the Department of Communication Studies, please call
 (575) 646-2801 or email the department at commdept@nmsu.edu




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