Why Choose a BA in Communication Studies?

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Communication Studies Goals

The goals of New Mexico State University’s Department of Communication Studies are to equip our students with practical tools of communication that can be applied in organizational, intercultural, and interpersonal contexts. These tools include persuasion, conflict management, impression management, self-presentation, skills in leadership communication, teaching, small group communication, conversation, and relational communication.

Our undergraduate and graduate curriculums are designed to help prepare you for professional careers typically emphasizing expertise and skill in communication, such as careers in public relations, politics, law, advertising, sales, education, management, government service, mediation-arbitration, customer relations, human resources, and civil service.

Graduates from our department are employed in positions in the financial world, computer & technology firms, the entertainment industry, government, universities, pharmaceutical firms, social services, and other jobs where communication skills determine success. Many of them are working for not-for-profit organizations. Our curriculums are also designed to help optimize your social and relational communication skills both inside and outside the work context. Persuasion, conversation, problem-solving, and conflict management are tools you can apply not only when interacting with clients, your boss, and work colleagues but also when you meet new acquaintances or are communicating with friends, romantic partners, and/or family.

Last, our curriculum can prepare you well for the pursuit of higher degrees in Communication Studies. Some of our undergraduate students have continued their education to pursue Master’s degrees at places such as Pepperdine University and George Washington University. Master’s students have gone on to pursue and/or successfully complete Doctoral degrees from the University of Massachusetts, Arizona State University, University of Kentucky, and the University of Alabama, to name just a few.

If you are currently a student at NMSU, you can become a Communication Major simply by visiting the advising center or clicking hereIf you are not currently a student at NMSU, you can apply for our face-to-face program here or to study online, apply here with NMSU Global for our asynchronous undergraduate degree.