Graduate Teaching Assistants (Spring 2021)

Fredrick Daoyenikye

BA (Communication Studies), University of Cape Coast

I am from a community called Charia in the Upper West Region of Ghana. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I am currently studying for Masters in Communication Studies at the New Mexico State University. Communication plays a crucial role in attaining development in society. And I am motivated to study communication because I want to explore communication for development, particularly in my country, Ghana. My interest areas are Political Communication and New Media Technologies. Out of academic activities, I like to spend my leisure time with friends, discussing both necessary and unnecessary stuff.



Adam de Camp

BA (Communication Studies), California State University - Sacramento

I earned my BA in Communication Studies from California State University - Sacramento. I'm pursuing my Master's in Communication Studies because it's a necessary step in my professional career. My research interests are conflict resolution and political communication. Outside of academia, I'm usually playing video games, swimming, reading a book, or walking my two dogs!



Claudia DeJesus

MA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University
BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

I earned my BA and MA in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University. During graduate school while working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I discovered my passion for teaching and helping students. I love seeing the connections students make when learning how communication applies to their daily lives and the many different ways we use communication without even realizing it! In my free time I love to read, write, and snuggle up with my cat and hubby with a movie on.



Kaylee DeGregorian

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University
Supplementary Major: Linguistics

Hiya! My name is Kaylee DerGregorian, I graduated from NMSU in 2021 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies and a Supplementary Major in Linguistics. During that time I worked at my church with the youth director.
I chose Communication Studies because I wanted to major in something that I could use right out of the classroom. I have found passion in Interpersonal, Family and Nonverbal communication. I plan to use my degree and knowledge in Communication Studies and linguistics to do cross cultural work through my local Baptist Church.
A fun fact about me is that I got married in 2020 during the pandemic. I have also been to France a number of times and have studied French off and on for years.



Aileen Galicia

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Hi I'm Aileen and a first year graduate student. I earned my Bachelors in Communication Studies at NMSU. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking, snowboarding and surfing. I also enjoy being with friends and family in my free time



Fallon Murphy

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from NMSU. My areas of interest include Cultural Communication as well as Media & Technology. I am a Colorado native but have been loving my life in New Mexico these past four years. I love to be involved and have experience serving as a member of student government, a former president of the Black Student Association, a former ex officio member of the Continuing Diversity Board, and a current member of the Student Advocacy Board. You can reach out to me for anything at



Bahareh Rahimian Mashhadi


[picture here] [bio here]



Tricia Sulpizio

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University
Minor: Psychology

I moved to Las Cruces from Mesa, AZ a few years ago and fell in love with the area and the people. But like a true Sundevil, I miss the extreme heat so I try to escape through travel (to the nearest beach preferably) as often as possible. My other hobbies include crafting, printing, graphic design, and ANY outdoor sport or activity. 
I am very proud to be an NMSU Alumnus and first year graduate teaching assistant in this department. I received my undergraduate degree in Communication with a minor in Psychology. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with the outstanding faculty mentors and students here at NMSU while I pursue my master's degree. My academic interest will focus on Interpersonal Communication with an emphasis on Romantic Attachments. 
Learning to teach during a pandemic is a challenge but the commitment & tenacity demonstrated by NMSU students is a source of daily inspiration for me.



Jacqueline Vela

BA (Spanish and Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I have an undergrad degree in Spanish & Communication Studies here at New Mexico State University. I am now getting my master’s in communication studies because I think obtaining a communication degree is a basis everyone should master no matter what career field you decide to enter. A particular level of interest of mine is Interpersonal communication, and more specifically romantic relationships. Outside of school, I love to keep myself busy! I do this by taking my dogs on walks, spending time with family, and going out with friends. During my free time I also love to work out and travel! 



Glorianna Yee

BA (English and Communications), Thomas Edison State University

My childhood love for stories and storytelling led to a double major in English and Communications from Thomas Edison State University in 2019. I am studying communication because I enjoy learning about how the world works. I would love to apply communication theories to research the way art shapes culture and individuals, particularly through stories and music. When I’m not studying, I try to spend quality time with friends and read as many books as possible.