Dr. Anne Hubbell’s book chapter on Organizational Deception recently published in The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication

The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication (2019) brings together more than 100 scholars from an array of fields to unravel the topic of lying and deception in human interaction. This interdisciplinary handbook explores historical and theoretical perspectives on deception, cultural and ethical dimensions of deceptive communication, and strategies for detecting and deterring deceit. Truth-telling, lies, and the many gray areas in-between are examined in the contexts of identity formation, interpersonal relationships, groups and organizations, social and mass media, marketing, advertising, law enforcement interrogations, court, politics, and propaganda.The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, academics, researchers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the pervasive nature of truth, deception, and ethics in the modern world. Learn more here>>.