Guilty Pleasure? Communicating Sexually Explicit Content on Dating Apps and Disillusionment with App Usage

Dr. Jeanne Flora, along with colleagues, published a research paper on communicating sexually explicit content on dating apps and disillusionment with app usage in the 46th volume of Human Communication Research. The study looks at how some people send or receive sexually explicit images or messages when using dating apps. Seeing unwanted content may produce adverse effects and disillusion among some users.

Guilty Pleasure? Communicating sexually Explicit Content on Dating Apps and Disllusionment with App Usage.

Sylvia Niehuis, Alan Reifman, Dana A Weiser, Narissra M Punyanunt-Carter, Jeanne Flora, Vladimir S Arias, C Rebecca Oldham

Human Communication Research, Volume 46, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 55–85,