Alumni Spotlights

Fredrick Daoyenikye earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Cape Coast before earning his MA in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University. He is continuing on to earn his Ph.D. in Communication & Information Sciences at the University of Alabama.

His research focuses on New Media Technologies & Political Communication, completing his graduate thesis titled: How Does Social Media Contribute to Affective Polarization? Mediating Role of Fake News Beliefs. During his time with NMSU, he served as a Graduate Teaching assistant for the Department of Communication and is a current member of the International Communication Association & Western States Communication Association. Fredrick is excited to continue his education journey and encourages people from all backgrounds to explore their participation in digital & political communication spaces. 



Dr. Maria D. Molina earned her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Speech Communication from West Texas A&M University before earning her MA in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University with a concentration in intercultural communication. She went on to earn her PhD in Mass Communication at Penn State University focusing her research on emerging technologies. She is currently an assistant professor at Michigan State University in the Advertising and Public Relations Department.

Her research focuses on the social and psychological effects of online sharing. She is also starting to explore perceptions of AI and how to increase the credibility of AI so that we can capitalize on their potential for societal benefits such as the automatic detection of problematic online content (i.e.: hate speech, suicidal ideation). She is glad to have a job that allows her to find the answers to the questions that intrigue her. She enjoys tangoing in her free time (pre-COVID).